Angelina Toros
3D Designer & Art Director
VanMoof asked Builders Club studio to be onboard the launch of their latest electric bike series. The brief was to explore ideas of a future-facing journey and build suspense and excitement around the new VanMoof products. As part of the team I took part in creating two routes for the “hype” part of the campaign which focused on teasing the bike through abstract explorations. One of the routes explored the idea of unveiling the new bike as if it was a piece of art with the use of fabric simulations. Second route that I explored was about the power and energy of the product which was visualised with constantly moving lights and dynamic cameras. This resulted in fresh, modern, and exhilarating visuals that stood out against the landscape for bike advertising.

Builders Club London


Motion Design

George Barret, Georg Fasswald — Motion Design
Niels Moolenaar — Art Direction
Jonas Hegi— Creative Direction
Lauren Egen — Production
Chris Banks — Sound Design
Felix Morgan via Youth Mode — Music